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October 11-13,
                                      50 YOUNG PROFESSIONAL
                                   2022                                                   Antalya TURKIYE  |  2022

                                             ISCC 2022 Conference

                 The World Symposium. Under the label of ICCCS, one of their member societies
                 organises the bi-annual world symposium on contamination control. This
                 symposium offers the latest new developed and scientific knowledge on
                 contamination control. The presentations by experts from all over the world,
                 support the discussions and transfer of this new knowledge. Member societies
                 supports the symposium by giving effort that their their leading persons and
                                     organisations will submit papers and exhibit.

                 The  25th  International  Contamination  Control  Symposium,  the  theme  of  which
                 is “Contamination Control Is In Every Aspect of Our Lives”, involves different
                 industries such as; pharmaceutical, health, defence, aviation, electronics,
                                      biosafety, semiconductor and automative.

                             SCIENTIFIC STERRING COMMITTEE   (by alphabetical order)

                                                   Berthold Duthorn
                                                  Cengizhan Ozturk
                                                     Conor Murray
                                                    Da Qian Wang
                                                      David Ensor
                                                      Dilek Sunar
                                                      Eric Stuiver
                                                    Frans Saurwalt
                                                Gordon Farquharson
                                                    Hasim Solmaz
                                                     Koos Agricola
                                                      Lars Ekberg
                                                  Miroslav Tonovski
                                                     Myung Do Oh
                                                     Namık Yener
                                                    Sheesh Gulati
                                                       Tim Triggs
                                                     Udo Gommel
                                                    Werner Straub
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