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                    October 11-13,   ON CONTAMINATION CONTROL AND
           Antalya TURKIYE  |  2022  CLEANROOM TECHNOLOGY

                                picture), which also offer protection from undesirable external influences, especially
                                wind and weather, but are not designed at all to be contamination-free. Thus, these
                                ideas of a rudimentary camping tent had to be supplemented by the integration of
                                air supply systems in order to meet the demand for a cleanliness-controlled area. The
                                requirement for expandability and combinability of smaller individual systems into a
                                larger overall system was taken into account by means of a modular system (see figure
                                1, lower section).

               CAPE –
                                Figure 1; Development steps of the protection system. Upper section: the illustra-
                                tion shows the concept of a camping tent, adapted to the cleanliness requirements.
                                Lower section: the illustration shows the development of a modular and expandable
                                support system, made of weight-reduced glass-fibre poles (approx. 60 kg total weight).
                                Numerous flow distribution systems were prototypically implemented to test optimal
                                airflow concepts in the interior of the enclosure. Figure 2 (left side) shows a preliminary
                                version using a centrally placed overpressure flow column that ensures a radially out-
                                ward, horizontal flow pattern of the ultraclean air.

                                Figure 2; Left side: one of the first prototyps of a tentlike portable cleanroom (Image:
                                Fraunhofer IPA). Right side: flow optimisation embodiment with the aid of an optional
                                raised floor system.
                                To adapt to varying, customer-specific requirements for optimising the flow conditions,
                                a further development took place by means of a pressure plenum in the ceiling area,
                                which is supplied with ultraclean air by adjacent FFUs. The FFUs are fluidically connected
                                to the pressure plenum. To achieve a directed, unidirectional flow, it is not sufficient to
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