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October 11-13,
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        ucts, it is necessary a special packaging for preventing contamination during transportation
        while personnel need to gown new cleanroom gowning system at each passage from dirty
        to clean areas and vice-versa.

        Before starting with realization of the new clean lift installation, all aspects related to pro-
        cess, contamination control and production have been deeply investigated. One of the main
        challenge to cope with was that the new installation had to be realized without interrupting
        the production, especially for the realization of the new vertical clean transportation system.

        The solution adopted consisted in a new clean installation completely independent from the
        systems of the two cleanrooms already in use in the building, but in the meantime able to
        be perfectly integrated with the old process flow if necessary.
        Figure 1 shows the flow process interconnection between the old (dirty) and the new (clean)
        vertical transportation system solution adopted.

                                                                                              TION THROUGH
                                                                                              A CLEAN LIFT
                                                                                              PROTOTYPE FOR

        Figure 1: integrated process flow with clean lift solution added

        2.2 Methodology
        Based on the constritions given by the field, by production and by the URS, the final design
        solutions chosen was that of having a separated external structure connected to the existing
        fab building able to guarantee the level of air cleanliness and segretation desired for vertical
        transporation system together with a good coefficient of realibility and safety.
        In order to disconnect physically the segregated volume of the production cleanrooms from
        the clean lift, a serie of air locks have been inserted between the existing cleanrooms and the
        new clean lift body. In this way, clean environments of known air cleanliness and airtighness
        are used so that air contamination and pressurization can follow a precise path to guarantee
        the desired key parameters, e.g. ISO Class and differential pressure among environments
        with different classification according to cleanroom international standards (ISO 14644-1, 2015).
        Figure 2 indicates the designed ISO Class cleanliness level for the clean environments.
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