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                    October 11-13,   ON CONTAMINATION CONTROL AND
           Antalya TURKIYE  |  2022  CLEANROOM TECHNOLOGY

                                f    Customized filter configuration: HEPA filter and / or activated carbon filter
                                f    Microorganism and virus inactivation with UVC irradiation
                                f    Power supply via standard mains connection
                                f    Depending on size, air cleanliness class and atmospheric pressure, several FFU
                                    units are used in parallel
                                f    Monitoring systems: particles, VOC, pressure, temperature
                                f    Optional extras: FFU-integrated cooling modules, fire-retar¬dant materials, clean-
                                    room-suitable floors, lighting, rigid doors, viewing windows, crane access (from above),
                                    mat. hatches, etc.
                                f    Fabric shell‘s virtually free of outgassing substances and discharges any electro-
                                    static build-up
                                f    Chemical-resistant materials (H2O2, isopropanol, ultraclean water, etc.)
                                f    For GMP-controlled applications all kind of used materials have to be washable /
                                    autoclavable /sterilisable
                                Structure and framing

                                f    Optimal cleanroom environment designed to customer requirements
                                f    Tailormade, technical textiles to achieve specific and desired permeability
                                f    Customized dimensions for single CAPEs: from 2m x 2m x 2m up to 15m x 15m x 8m
                                f    Material and personnel locks
                                f    High modularity:
                                    f   complex systems can be built up from several basic systems
                                    f   systems of the same size can be combined as modules
               CAPE –               f   nearly all interfaces to machines and process equipment configurable
            FLEXIBLE,           f   Textile elements washable / autoclavable
           PORTABLE,                f   In case of breakage, damage, production adaption, the materials used for the
                                    setup of flexible cleanrorom environments are replacable within a short time.
         CLEANROOM              It can be assumed that the cleanliness-related design of the mobile cleanroom systems
              SYSTEM            has not yet been completed and that further special applications will be developed for
                                the increasingly short-term requirements.
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