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Remko J.R. Noor MSc


Performance of ventilation systems in OR’s, Operating Rooms, Airborne, Ventilation Systems, Contamination, Airflow, At Rest, In Operation, Surgical Site Infections , Patient Safety , Poisoning


Patient safety is a main topic during surgery. One of the main issues inside operating theatres (OR’s) is the prevention of airborne particles with bacteria that contaminate the wound area and the instruments. The risks and requirements differ for different types of surgery. To minimize the contaminations and improve the patient safety, controlling the quality of the air inside an OR is essential. Several type of air handling systems are available, suitable for different types of surgery. The most used systems are:
• Turbulent Mixed Airflow systems
• Laminar Airflow systems
• Temperature Controlled Airflow systems

The number of colony forming unit is the environment around the patient has an effect on the surgical site infections. When the environment in the OR is clean, the risk of infection will decrease. What is the best ventilation system in an OR in relation to the requirements of surgery, airborne particles and the use of antibiotic prophylaxis? This paper will provide a comparison of different ventilation systems that will support hospital staff to make decisions about the quality of their Operating Theatres. The three systems will be compared both “at rest” and “in operation”.



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