Ozyapı Clean Room Systems & Oz Modular Clean Room Systems, With 15 Years of Experience and Experience, Your Customer Focused Solution Partner in Clean Room Systems Innovation, Easy Installation, Modular, Architectural, Engineering, and, of course, Modular systems with GMP and FDA Requirements While being a pioneering company that aims to minimize imports and adopts the principle of being a locomotive in this way; The goal has always been customer satisfaction. Ozyapı Clean Room Systems, which has adopted the principle of complying with GMP and CЄ European Standards; also fulfills OHS requirements with its economical, fast, safe, and detail-oriented working principle. In this way, our primary goal is to provide quality service, taking into account human health, and to gain the trust and satisfaction of customers with a solution-oriented approach. With our 15 years of experience, we are moving forward to increase your satisfaction by adapting technology to the developing sector by offering permanent modular solutions to your needs and problems in this developing sector with ISO and GMP standards. As Özyapı Clean Room Systems, we would like to share our future with you by prioritizing the values ​​and importance of our customers by drawing attention to the value and nature of the human health touch of the projects that we have completed are still under construction.