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14-16th October 2022 – Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek / Antalya

CTCB-I trainings will be carried out within ISCC’22!

Held in Antalya, Turkey on October 11-16th, International Symposium on Contamination Control 2022 (ISCC’22), will be home to many informative and educational events and we’re proud to announce CTCB-I trainings are a part of it!

What is CTCB-I and what are the trainings?

Most people working with cleanrooms have enough expertise to claim to be a cleanroom professional but still may wish to prove this by a certificate obtained through a respected teaching institute. The Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board – International (CTCB-I) provides educational courses, and awards certificates through training and formal examination.

People working in the field of cleanroom technology will be aware that few further-education courses on this subject exist. However, many wish to develop their professional skills and improve their chances of promotion, or simply wish to learn more about cleanrooms.

This is best done through a structured course ending in an examination and certification, and through an institute whose prime interest and knowledge is in the field of Cleanroom Technology, and has years of teaching the design, testing and running of cleanrooms. Which is exactly what CTCB-I provides.

It is necessary when a cleanroom has just been built, and during its life, to test it to ensure that it is working correctly. The amount and quality of air supplied, the air movement between and within cleanrooms, and the particle and microbiological counts in the cleanroom should be shown to be correct. The testing of a cleanroom requires skill, and the CTCB-I trainings are provided to ensure this.

Who is giving the training?

Teaching, and certification is carried out by the CTCB-I , a non profit making board set up originally by the Scottish Society for Contamination Control (S2C2) as an education and training initiative to help fulfil the objectives of S2C2. The Irish Cleanroom Society joined CTCB in 2003 followed by R3Nordic in Scandinavia, VCCN in the Netherlands and Belgian Cleanroom Workgroup and Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey. The organisation was renamed CTCB-I in 2009 to reflect its increasingly international dimension.

The quality of the CTCB course is ensured by an Advisory Board composed of experienced cleanroom technologists, many being members of the BSI and ISO cleanroom standards committee, and which oversees the content of the course, the teaching, and the examinations. The Advisory Board meets regularly to monitor the course content and administration. The course is accredited internationally by the ICCCS.

What is needed for CTCB-I training registration?

There will be three levels of certification at ISCC’22 training:

Professional: For people whose profession is cleanroom testing, and routinely test all aspects of cleanroom testing. At the time of their final exam they should have a minimum of 2 years’ experience. If you apply for, and have suitable qualifications, you will be required to:

  • study the self study course notes that will be sent to you, attend a lecture course, and then pass a written examination on Cleanroom Testing
  • show a high level of competence in (a) filter integrity testing and (b) measuring air velocities and volumes, by passing a practical exam
  • attend a one day course on practical aspects of filter integrity and air volume and velocity testing

Associate: For people who are either familiar with some aspects of cleanroom testing, and wish to gain knowledge about the subject, or have been working less than two years as a cleanroom tester, but wish to use the certification course as a basis of training and working towards professional status. If you apply for the associate course, and have suitable qualifications, you will be required to:

  • study the issued course notes, attend a lecture course, and then pass a written examination on Cleanroom Testing
  • attend a one day course on practical aspects of filter integrity, and air and velocity measurement

Education / Knowledge: CTCB-I theory part can help you to understand general cleanroom testing requirements, application details, and parameters to be tested. As per standards and current regulations, you will learn about cleanroom testing theory from Subject Matter Experts. This first step will also help you to move forward to the next step, associate, and in a long run, even up to the professional level!


On registration the candidate will receive self-study course notes, information on how the practical exam is run, and notification of the date of the next examination. The rough programme of CTCB-I trainings in ISCC’22 is as follows:

  • October 14 Friday : Theory of Cleanroom Testing & Certification
  • October 15 Saturday : Practical measurement demonstrations and theory exam
  • October 16 Sunday: Practical exam for the Cleanroom Professional Canditates

On satisfactory completion of the course candidates receive a CTCB certificate, and those who receive professional certification will be entered onto the ICS and CTCB 'List of Registered Cleanroom Testers'. This registration applies to the person who passes the exam, and not their firm. The certified person will remain on the list for 5 years, at which time they must be re-certified.

Having the chance to earn a CTCB-I certificate while participating in the esteemed events of ISCC'22 (to give some examples: ISO TC 209 meetings, ICCCS meetings, expert presentations and overall international networking), is a perfect opportunity for anyone who works in the Cleanroom Technology field.

Education Fee

Pricing table is as follows*:

  • Professional: 1800€ - special price for delegates 1200€ ( 14-16 October 2022 )
  • Associate: 1200€ - special price for delegates 800€ ( 14-15 October 2022 )
  • Education/Knowledge: 600€ - special price for delegates 240€ ( 14th October 2022 )

*Acommodation is not included.

CTCB-I Brochure

To register to the CTCB-I Training, please fill the form below.

Cleanroom Testing and Certification to ISO14644

If this option is selected and you are not an official ISCC22 delegate, then your registration will be canceled!
(please provide the individual email for the applicant for course correspondence and literature purposes)

✓ Valid

Two years experience at the time of the practical exam is required for professional certification.
Associate applicants should have some experience with these tests, professional applicants must be experienced with them, especially the filter integrity test, or they will fail the practical exam.
(please list certificates awarded)

Terms of Business

The CTCB-I takes great care to ensure that examinations are conducted in a fair and legitimate manner. The Examination Board will advise unsuccessful candidates, at their discretion, why they have failed to meet the expected examination requirements. There is also an appeals procedure whose decision is final. Details of examination decisions are confidential and remain privileged information restricted to the Examining Board.

All candidates registering for this course are deemed to have understood and accepted these conditions. Students, by signing this form, are also deemed to have accepted that they will be attentive and studious during all teaching periods, and to study efficiently.

We are unable to reserve places on courses until payment has been made.

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Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey cannot accept any liability for travel or other expenses incurred.